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Monday, November 26, 2012

Wang SiTing's Thoughts on Responsibilities

Hi everyone,

It is our holiday now! I can imagine that most of you have been planning the vocation, and I guess some of you have started to find a part-time job during the holiday. It is a good way to practice in the real-life situation as our teaching practice. We learnt a lot from it. 

Think back our teaching practice, the process for everyone is different; however, what we achieved is alike. That is, we all improved.The first time teaching practice must become one of the most memorable experiences for each of us. We had a fun time with our students. I can still remember each face of students who accompanied with me for two months in Taman SEA School and the moments in the classroom. Besides that, I redefined myself during teaching process and had a profound understanding about the definition of a teacher. During teaching, I found my weakness. I was not confident when I stood in front of the classroom; I always questioned myself if I qualified to teach; and I still behaved like a student. I knew that the teaching practice was a good opportunity to change myself. I must seize it. So, now, I find that I become more confident and mature. I could give myself a new definition now. 

So, I have to say the teaching practice is really encouraging. When someone asks what the teacher is, some may answer “provide education” or “to teach new knowledge”. However, teacher’s function is more than that. Each time when I stepped into the classroom, I must remind myself “ok, you are a teacher now, not a student this time. You should be responsible.”. Gradually, I find that responsibility can be suitably used to describe a teacher. 

A responsible teacher should fully prepare the lesson; a responsible teacher should be fair; a responsible teacher should be sensitive with each student’s need; a responsible teacher should keep leaning; and a responsible teacher should enlighten the student….. It makes me have a deeper understanding towards becoming a teacher. So, all these things make this experience impressive and unforgettable. Lastly, I really appreciate that I can have this opportunity to teach in the school and I met good mentor and supervisor who are really kind and helpful. They always support and encourage me. I am happy that I can have such a valuable memory in my whole life. See you next year, my friends :) Happy Holiday!

Best regards,Wang Siting

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What have we here, BUNMI?


~Dr Adele

Wang Siting: Her Learning Experience

Hello everyone, how is everything going so far?
All the students in Taman Sea School were busy with their exams for two weeks. So, my job was focused on monitoring the exams. After the exams, students still had to come back to school and my supervisor and mentor decided to observe me for second time. The problem at this time was that students were easily distracted in the class because they just finished their exams and wanted to be relaxed. So, I could not teach as usual. I must find something that they are interested. Hence, I totally agree with Wendy’s latest post

She pointed out that she provided several games related to English to attract students. In this way, students can learn something and will not feel bored. Students can learn without any stress. Students can learn things unconsciously while playing the games and then can memorize things longer and deeper. So, the teaching method about using English games in language class can help students learn new things actively. Sometimes, as a teacher, we cannot force students to learn something. It is better that they learn by themselves. The game I used in my class was to provide various crosswords. Another method was to let students listen to the songs and complete the lyrics (We should choose some meaningful songs that we can discuss with our students.). I also like the games that Wendy mentioned. It is really helpful. 

Another thing I can learn from my friends’ posts is that they used ‘drawing’ in their teaching process (like Pei Pei and Alia). They asked their students to draw something to illustrate the problems. It is a really fun activity that students can interact with each other and show how creative they are. What is more, they can improve their language ability this way. They orally explain what they draw. Or, they should make a sentence without grammatical mistakes according to the drawings. This method helps students improve in many ways. From their posts, I also can see how well students can draw. Actually, from my own experience, I sometimes think that when teachers ask students to draw something, students always produce negative attitudes and treat it halfheartedly. So, I do not dare to use this method in my teaching plan. 

However, my friends’ posts change my view and give me confidence to practice this method in my class. It makes me find that students like drawing and have rich imagination. Also, using drawing in language classroom can help us understand our kids. We can see students’ learning attitudes, and sometimes we even can know their knowledge background through their drawing. Moreover, this method makes me think more. As a teacher, we cannot measure the new generation according to our own background. They are more open-minded than us. Sometimes, we should dare to innovate in our teaching, instead of following the traditional ways all the time. Thanks for sharing your students’ beautiful pictures, my friends. 

Best regards,Wang Siting

Bunmi: of Happiness

The beauty of life doesn't depend on how happy you are, but on how happy others can be because of you. Seeing the students smiling and happy every time you stepped into there class is the beginning of a successful lesson. 

The journey so far has been an amazing one, the experience and memories will stay with us forever. For all that we have learned ,experienced, shared and understand as a trainee teacher is what makes us a teacher in return.

I would like to say a big thank you to all my fellow course mates for all their input and experience shared on this blog, every single time i log on to Lush tree, i always have something to take back into my class. You all have been so helpful one way or the other and it is a good thing to always learn from each other. I wouldn't want to start listing names or pointing at a specific post, but all that each member on this blog has been posting were the secret to our successful teaching practice . 

We trainees at the SMKDU have recommended the lush tree to the HM of our school and it was a great news to hear her saying good things about us and our contribution to the school within the short time we spent with them and we are also happy to be a good ambassador of UM / Lush tree during our practicum.

My personal experience, knowing well of Malaysian school system, understanding the school culture, participating in the school Hari Anugerah Kokurikulum 2012, exchanging my culture with the school/students, taking the students out for a seminar on multiculturalism and peace talk, attending the English festival with the students at the Bukit Jalil sports school , attending teachers meetings and end of the year party with the teachers.

Listening, taking notes and advice from the staff teachers help a lot. I have realised that making the students and people around you happy is the happiness of a Teacher. Coming here was meant to be and it has been an amazing experience for me, at this point , 

I would like to say thank you once again to everyone and most especially to Dr. Adelina Asmawi for being there always as a mentor, a teacher , a lecturer and an adviser. Thank you so much ..... to be continued ,watch out for the last episode of my teaching practice ,stay clicked to lush tree

Wang Yi Shares a Chinese Proverb

Dr. Adelina asked us to talk about things we can learn from others. In this connection, I remember a Chinese proverb: "Among any three people walking, I will find something to learn for sure." Which means, you will always learn something from others. 
During these ten weeks, I truly learnt a lot. From the school teachers, my peers and even my students. Their advices make me become a better teacher.
The lucky thing for me is both of my classes are form two girls. They are still at the age of curiosity. So no matter what kind of game you play with them, most of the time they will interested in it. Like Wendy's "tongue twister" and Ma Jing's "whisper game". I tried many of them in my class. And it really works. The game that we chose must be interesting, and also meaningful. So that students can learn things like pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. Sometimes we even can do a lit bit changes of the original game, make it more suitable for our students. Learning strategies from others is good, but sometimes we cannot directly use their ideas, because it may not be suitable for your own students. What you do is not use some fancy ideas, games that you think can make your lesson looks perfect, you need to put your feet into students' shoes. (YESSSS WANG YI! ~AA)
I also have kind of same experiences with Farul. He talked about his "heart to heart talk", and gained the respect from his students. At the very beginning, my girls treated me just like a normal teacher, same as other teachers. But after they started to know some personal details about me, like my university, my country. I felt like the distance between us was more close. They also told me their "secrets", like who got a boyfriend. They slowly see me like their big sister. One thing that impressed me a lot is, one of my girls said "Miss Wang, we like you a lot, you are different from other teachers, because every time when we say 'good afternoon' to you, you always give us a sweet smile and say 'good afternoon' too." Students mind details, they really care how their teachers treat them. I strongly agree with Wendy's words "Sometimes, what students need more is not just a professional teacher who knows his/her stuff well, but also one that helps them emotionally; thus, open the knots in their hearts, especially those teenagers who are sensitive, moody and obstinate."

Wang Yi: "Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth"

We have finally finished our training. Not like I imagined before, totally release and enjoy the holiday. Im actually still in the teaching mood. That's why I'm planning to find a job  teaching in China, during this long holiday. That is a kind of big change of me. 

In the past 16 years, I was a girl who always learnt from others, now I'm the one who is teaching students. 
Before this training, "teacher" in my head is like respect, have long holidays, an easier job, something like this. But now, I really have a fresh idea of "teacher". To choose this major is my parents' idea, not my first choice. I never thought I will be a teacher in the future. After ten weeks training, I kind of changed my mind, maybe I could be a teacher, I started to love the feeling of teaching others. I felt satisfied when I taught them something, they gave me respond and their "oh, that's why!" face.

I felt achievability when the knowledge that I taught before appeared on their exam paper, and most of them did very well. Having training in Assunta is not only a task for me, or having good grade, to be responsible to my girls means more to me now. 

We spent three years for learning the teaching theory. "Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth." Training is just like the big exam to test our ability. To be honest, experience is more important for us now. You have no idea what kind of problems will happen in your classroom. What if you are planning to show them a video but the projector does not working. What if the speaker is not clear enough when you are playing songs for them. What if there are less then 10 students in your class, but you prepare a game for at least twenty students. These are all the problems I have met before. To become flexible and always have plan B are very important. 

A good teacher will continue the lesson in any conditions. I really appreciate it that we can have this opportunity. I believe that most of my friends will be just like me, re-think the meaning of "teacher". I have the feeling that I will continue walking on this 'teaching road', and the training is just the beginning. First love is always unforgettable, same as our first practical. Just like I said to my girls, I will never forget that my first teaching experience is in SMK ASSUNTA and all of them are my first students. Never say goodbye. Thanks to all~ Happy Holiday~

Monday, November 5, 2012

Wendy's Discovery

'Sometimes, what students need more is not just a professional teacher who knows his/her stuff well, but also one that helps them emotionally; thus, open the knots in their hearts, especially those teenagers who are sensitive, moody and obstinate'

(Wu, 2012)

I am very proud of you, Wendy Wu!